Tuesday, September 29, 2009


sigh. i'm having a really tough week.

on the bright side, i got this super rad and much-appreciated package in the mail!
and it's our 3-year wedding anniversary, so some celebration is coming our way. i really need some good so i'm so grateful for the upcoming fun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i've completely failed at doing this once a week. let's try again.

things have been so busy, but there should be no excuses. i've been working on and unraveling and reworking a new sweater and some knee socks:

and there's been some excitement, too:

-as we get 2 channels, i'm not entirely sure but it seems like new and old shows are starting up again. it reminds me that i'm so ready for this, though i'm never sure which is harder: the wait or the obsession during the season, which leaves my stomachs in knots as i get confused and have my mind repeatedly blown. great poster, too.

-how have i lived my life so long without this movie? it had all my favorite hallmarks of a truly fantastic 80s movie, though it was missing matthew broderick and the words "two dollars": never a fan before, i am now - andrew mccarthy's intense pining and, later, blissed-out craziness, judd nelson - i mean, those nostrils! oh, but that seriously, seriously gorgeous hair!, and ally sheedy doing anything at all. rob lowe's attempt at a sax career, demi moore's non-cocaine related intervention, and emilio estevez being completely insane were just icing.

-and seeing rad things at the state fair and, wow, just...this: