Sunday, March 27, 2011


This video makes me want to be young, blonde and, well, Mary Weiss:

Also, i'm doing a bit of an experiment, so if anyone knows of someone who wants to learn to knit (or who would be willing to learn to help me out) for free, or if you already knit and just want to learn a particular technique you haven't tried on your own, please let me know!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am obviously terrible at this, but there's no good excuse other no real way to get better except for just diving right in and starting:

I want to do a big update on unfinished projects i've slowly been trying to finish, mostly just to prove to myself i've gotten through some of them, but i made this in early fall 2010 - so that might help illustrate how far behind i am in even documenting projects i've been working on. please ignore the cat hairs, unflattering hands-in-pockets pose and the excessive wrinkles.

I am really loving these hair tutorials on A Cup of Jo and find myself wishing my hair was a tiny bit longer.

This is a pretty great project by Aymie Spitzer; I may NEED my own collection of hand-carved letters now. this is just in time for my renewed interest in linoleum block carving - it might be time to break out the tools.

These are still sort of awesome.

lastly, i'm really, really excited about an upcoming project that i think could be pretty great!

And, like that, i'm back on the wagon again!