Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am obviously terrible at this, but there's no good excuse other no real way to get better except for just diving right in and starting:

I want to do a big update on unfinished projects i've slowly been trying to finish, mostly just to prove to myself i've gotten through some of them, but i made this in early fall 2010 - so that might help illustrate how far behind i am in even documenting projects i've been working on. please ignore the cat hairs, unflattering hands-in-pockets pose and the excessive wrinkles.

I am really loving these hair tutorials on A Cup of Jo and find myself wishing my hair was a tiny bit longer.

This is a pretty great project by Aymie Spitzer; I may NEED my own collection of hand-carved letters now. this is just in time for my renewed interest in linoleum block carving - it might be time to break out the tools.

These are still sort of awesome.

lastly, i'm really, really excited about an upcoming project that i think could be pretty great!

And, like that, i'm back on the wagon again!


Anonymous said...

Yay! A new post! Love the sleeves on the dress!

east.west said...

thanks! it's a cynthia rowley pattern from fact, i think i might have bought two when they were on sale for $1 or something, if you wanted to try it out!

IsamarDesigns said...

So glad to see you back! I need to get back to it, too. I also love the sleeves on that dress...and the tiny belt, too.

brandi said...

seriously those dress details! awesome job!

Anonymous said... about I just pay you to make me one? I have tons of patterns that I bought when in the sewing frenzy. When I take a week off...during the summer, I want to start and finish a sewing project.