Sunday, December 6, 2009


hallelujah, we're starting to make some decisions and (kind of) feeling like we're making progress on the house. this week we got our new tankless water heater and the old removed from the kitchen (thank god!) and we got about half of our paint. and decided on appliances. The weekend work took longer than expected but we're still right around on track because we got some extra other stuff done in place of the stuff we didn't.
so, ths is pretty much what our entire weekend looked like (plus, lots of super messy caulk, and old weatherstripping and adhesive remover and lots of sore muscles):

here's the primer - also got some paint - that we got 30% off and used lots of this weekend (thanks green sacramento)

and here is what's to come next weekend (oh god, and lots more priming and painting):

here's the paint we ordered for the concrete in the laundry room

and the color we tinted it (second from bottom)

and, just for kicks and so i can think about something other than paint (which i am most definitely still pulling from my hair):

this is the doorbell we've decided on

these are the house numbers we...well, that i purchased without spousal consent. i fessed up immediately, though, if that counts for anything. they're just so much cheaper than the ones i really love and very similar; i couldn't resist. photo from shelterrific

and here are some other items i wish i had gotten approval to buy and put on the walls (though the list really could go on forever and ever, and i'm tired):

but, of course, there are more important things first, like getting our electrical done without killing ourselves, trying to not fall off ladders, and avoiding the crawl space.