Monday, March 15, 2010


what i'm working on tonight:

tracing pattern and cutting fabric for my sewing class

this one's cheating because i started this months ago and haven't spent much time on it, and probably have run out of time to do anything with it tonight, but it looks like i'm more productive than i actually am with a second picture up.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


yikes, i'm terrible at this. it's been so busy, but - surprise - mostly just revolving around the house, which i'm completely in love with for no good reason other than it's ours (in 30 years).

so, i'll just throw some pictures up to get my feet wet again and then i'll get back to business, whatever that could mean. i don't have a ton of pictures available right now, though, because we haven't transferred them over yet. transferred over to what? why, the bad boy below, which we got super cheap from some friends who got an even more bad and more recent boy. we're counting ourselves really lucky on this one and are really grateful and excited to play with it some more:

we've been taking walks and collecting pictures of yards and plants we like. these were at our neighborhood nursery.

a recent and much-loved craigslist acquisition.

a mask the husband made which i love - i thought it was from when he was a kid but it was a high school project for a children"s theater. i still love it an unreasonable amount.

classy paper blinds taped to the window produce a bit of afternoon delight.

our first real meal at the house.

a source of pride: our first bit of electrical work. also a great craigslist find (all our craigslist finds courtesy of our excllent unofficial decorator).

our first night at the house, complete with kiss-opoly.