Sunday, November 29, 2009


well, i clearly haven't done much but cook lately. and eat. mostly there's been eating. i never liked thanksgiving much until i was an adult and was responsible for some cooking because then i could make and eat whatever i liked. this year, that included:

rice krispie treats. that's right. this was a few days before thanksgiving. we had to get our stomachs prepared for the food to come.
the most amazing apple crisp; recipe courtesy of a friend's mom, who seems to do no wrong in the kitchen from what i've seen.

this barley and mushroom pie. smitten kitchen (who also can do no wrong in my book) was right - it needed a tiny bit of something, but was still very, very good. why don't we cook with puff pastry more often? it's delicious.

and there were all the things we don't have pictures of, like the fantastic stuffing the husband made, or the post-thanksgiving gathering with friends that is always one of my favorite parts of tthe holiday. we also worked on the house this weekend and are going to look at appliances today. and, i found a treasure trove of artifacts from my childhood in some boxes my family brought to me a few weeks ago: pottery i made in high school, old tapes and cards, and a page from the script of the play i was in that brought me to meet my husband. it was pretty sweet to reminisce.
of course, there was also the debbie gibson collection.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


this past weekend was pretty productive once i accepted that the husband was traveling to the great northwest and i home without him. i think i had a harder time this time than other times he's toured, because i mostly just missed him rather than being able to get excited about having the place to myself and getting uninterupted craft time, but i was still so excited for him, so that helped. and then i could get down to business:

i finished this little ruffled number in my class

hemmed the thrifted skirt on the left and made the skirt on the right

baked apple-cinnamon cake bread, among other items, all of which i have already eaten

cleaned it on up around the apartment, and started daydreaming about this place

and most important of all, welcomed this guy home