Friday, April 1, 2011


my dad is coming to visit from australia and winter has become spring and our backyard is a mess. it seems everything is adding up to this: it's time to whip our yards into shape and get some projects done!

To help us experiment with different looks, i've been trying to learn to use Google Sketchup, which - if used by someone who knows what they're doing - can be a really useful, beautiful tool. I started with the screened-in porch we're looking to revitalize:

um, yeah...i have a long way to go.

Nothing to do with anything, but quick note to self: these awesome zig zag streamers would look great anywhere
(photo by oh happy day, and instructions are here)

in other news, i'm getting closer to being done with this jumble of yarn;

i'm working on knitting samples of different stitches;

and just for kicks, i got these earrings recently, after the successful purchase of a gift for a friend from this shop (which has tons of great stuff). i think i look a little funny in earrings, but i really love these and am going to wear them all the time anyway. also, ears look funny up close.

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