Thursday, May 19, 2011


music news: i'm so excited a new Elected album came out and i'm thrilled to see, just now, that they're coming to San Francisco in July!

personal news: the husband turned 30 last week and his celebration went off without much of a hitch. we surprised him with some KISS masks, buttons, drawings, cake and shirts and he - being a huge KISS fan - was pumped. success! also, unrelated, but this is pretty awesome.

home news: we finally decided on a new couch and some more artwork went up, though we're still figuring some of it out. screened porch shingles (containing asbestos - fun!) came down and, this weekend, it's getting an overhaul. i'm really excited - not at all to do the work, but to have it done finally, yes. i'm trying not to be overly-ambitious and expect to get the exterior and interior all done this weekend, but every little bit we can get done this weekend will be terribly exciting.

(by local artist Amanda Cook!)

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brandi said...

love the fotoforest choice